Our eAudiobook collection provides 24/7 access to the latest bestseller authors which you can download directly on your devices.

BorrowBox eAudio

You will need to download the free Borrowbox app for your device from Apple iTunes, Google Play Store and Kindle Fire

eAudiobooks can be downloaded from the BorrowBox to your computer and listened to on any MP3 compatible media manager or media device.

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Items currently available through the RBdigital platform have moved to OverDrive’s free award-winning Libby app.

If you had any holds in the RB Digital app, you’ll need to re-borrow these over in the Libby app.

As a RBDigital customer you will receive a notification to download OverDrive’s Libby app onto your device.  This will allow you to continue access eBooks, eAudio & eMagazines from this collection, click for more FAQ information

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Here are some helpful videos to help you get started using Libby:

RBdigital eAudio

As of 10th March, RBdigital eAudio has migrated their content to OverDrive and the Libby App. 



IndyReads provides access to a statewide collection of independent Australian and international titles, classic literature and modern award-winning titles in eAudio and eBook format. 

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  1. Click on “My Account”
  2. Select “Clarence Regional Library” from the list of libraries
  3. Enter your Clarence Regional Library membership number and password

Also, you can download the IndyReads app from either Apple App Store or Google Play Store on to your mobile device.

Please note: this platform is no longer compatible with the older Microsoft Explorer browser, need to use Microsoft Edge or Chrome.

For further information on how to use IndyReads: