Public libraries are well recognised as vital public or ‘third’ places in our community. Clarence Regional Library strives to provide community with libraries that provide a sense of place and belonging. 

Art @your library showcases some of the public art and design that you can discover and enjoy at your local libraries. Your library. Your place.

Kelpie by Cass Samms @Grafton Library



‘A third place functions as a meeting place, a space for cooperation, connection and inspiration. A place to be besides home or work, for everyone. …A library is an original place. It is a place of knowledge and learning, accessible to everyone. … Interpreting information and providing insight is an important new feature [of public libraries]. In addition, there are also other modern roles for the library. People come to this place for the ambiance, to work, to meet others, to relax and become inspired’.

Aat Vos, 3rd 4 All: How to Create a Relevant Public Space

As part of Clarence Valley Council’s objective to ‘Support arts, learning, cultural services, community events & festivals’, Clarence Regional Library works with local creatives and community to create places that celebrate local stories, culture and life long learning.