Title not held by us?  Request it from another library service.

If our Catalogue does not hold an item you need, we may be able to obtain it from another library through our Inter Library Loan (ILL) Service.

Library members can borrow items, for a fee, from other Public Libraries and University Libraries throughout Australia, even from overseas. These items may include books, photocopy articles, talking books, videos and foreign language materials.interlibrary

Requesting an Inter Library Loan

Before requesting an Inter Library Loan, please check our Library Catalogue to ensure we don’t already hold the item.

To request on item using our online form, or go to the “Inter-Library Loan Request” option on the right-hand side under “My Library” on the catalogue and sign in using your library barcode number and Password/PIN or you may contact our branch staff.

Members have free access to search Trove. This database provides records of items held within over 800 Australian libraries which many are avaible through inter library loan.

If you are requesting a item which is less than 12 months old, and you feel it would be worth purchasing for the Regional Library, we welcome you to place a Suggestion for Purchase request instead of an inter library loan.

Please provide as much information as possible when requesting an item.

  • Books – provide the author, title, publisher, date of publication and ISBN.
  • Photocopy Articles – provide the journal title, article title, author’s name, volume number, issue number, date, page numbers and ISSN.

What does it cost?

There is a small administration charge of $6.00 associated with this service which is payable upon placement of the request and prior to receipt of the item.

ILL requests cancelled by borrowers after being processed by the Reader Services Officer will still incur the $6.00 administrative charge.

Please Note: Most universities and special libraries will charge additional fees (see Schedule of Fees and Charges). These charges will be passed on to our members, staff will contact you before proceeding with the request should it incur these additional charges.

How long will it take?

Generally, it will take 2-3 weeks for an Inter Library Loan item to arrive, but this depends on a number of variances as we may need to contact several libraries in order to locate an available item. Occasionally, it may take a month or more.

Should you need an item sooner we provide several Service Levels but some will incur additional charges, please refer to our Schedule of Fees and Charges.

How long is the Loan Period?

Inter Library Loans are available for loan for 2 weeks only, but may be renewed once. To ensure the continued co-operation from lending libraries, items need to be returned by the due date.

Members can check the progress of their Requests by Login to My Library to access your membership details. You will need to enter your library membership barcode number and PIN to access your records.

What about copyright?

A request for a photocopy must be made in accordance with the Australian Copyright Act, 1968, for further details contact the Australian Copyright Council. When making a request for a photocopy of an article you are agreeing to the rules and regulations of this act.

As a generalisation the following rules apply: – One article per issue of a periodical. Two or more articles per issue if those articles are on exactly the same subject. 10% or one chapter of a published work