Every child deserves a strong start in life, which is why we’re calling on the NSW government to deliver an early childhood literacy package through public libraries.

To learn more and find out how you can join the campaign, go to www.readandthrive.com.au

Let’s keep storytime fun for everyone. 

Storytime encourages a love of stories, books and reading.
Here are a few ways you as a parent or caregiver can help make sure that every child (and grownup) gets the most out of storytime.    

Before storytime: 
  • talk to your child about storytime before your first visit.
  • arrive in plenty of time to settle your child. – Young listeners can be easily distracted and late-comers become the focus of attention.
  • join up everyone in your whole family and get a card each. 
During storytime:
  • join in the rhymes and songs that you are familiar with. – Set an example and your child will soon join you.
  • switch off your phone and listen to the stories too – sharing stories helps develop language and listening skills. 
  • if your child becomes unsettled, please feel free to move away from the storytime area until he or she is settled again, then quietly re-join the group. 
  • craft is for kids. Develops your child’s fine motorskills
After storytime:
  • choose some books and other library items together. – Library staff are here to help.
  • read regularly to your children and open up magical new worlds. 
  • share songs and finger rhymes together. 
  • visit Storytime again and again! 

360 view of the children’s area in grafton library

360 view of the children’s area in maclean library

360 view of the children’s area in yamba library

360 view of the children’s area in Iluka library