MyMonitor Mobile Printing – Grafton Library

Grafton Library now has mobile printing!

This service enables you to upload documents from your home computer, laptop or mobile device and print them at Grafton Library. Please ensure you have your library card and PIN handy.

  1. Simply save or download your file onto your device.
  2. Using any browser, go to 
  3. Log into the MyMonitor portal using your library membership number and password
  4. Select Web Print option
  5. On the File Print tab, click on Select Files

  6. Upload your documents – you can use the Change option to change printing attributes

  7. If you need to add money to your MyMonitor account – see library staff or add funds onto your account using the MyMonitor Kiosk

  8. To print, either use the Monitor Kiosk or the Grafton Library Printer, scan your library card and enter your password.

  9. Follow the instruction to Print Release your printing job using the keypad.

    • Printing must be collected within 48 hours, otherwise the print job will be deleted.