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Clarence Regional Library offers a range of free eBooks to download and read on your computer, eReader or mobile device

Wheeler eBooks

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The new ePlatform app is the quickest and easiest way to borrow and read eBooks on your iPad, Galaxy, Kindle Fire or other tablet/mobile device – without downloading any additional software.

You can download the ePlatform app from the Apple, Google Play or Amazon app stores.


Note: Due to a problem with the latest Android updates, you may need to un-install your previous version of the Wheeler’s app and re-install the latest app from Google Play to enable eBooks to be read offline.

You will need your library membership number and your library PIN/Password to download. Click for more information about setting up and downloading eBooks.

Loan limited to 5 titles

Below are some step by step guides for the most popular devices to help get you started.

Note: These eBooks are NOT compatible with the Kindle, only the Kindle Fire is compatible.


Ziptales aims to help kids improve their literacy and reading skills by making reading even more fun.  This interactive site introduces kids to over 500 interactive stories, including Choose Your Own Adventures, those with voiceovers, animations and more. 

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Tumblebooks – eBooks for Kids

Our library now provides access to an online collection of animated, talking picture books to teach kids the joy of reading in a format they’ll love.Tumble Books

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State Library of NSW  – EBL eBook Collection

State Library eresources

You can now use your Clarence Regional Library card number to access and download eBooks from State Library of NSW 

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Library member will need to have Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) installed on your computer or mobile device. Please ensure you have this free software installed before downloading an ebook. Once an ebook is downloaded it will be accessible for up to three weeks.

iPads, iPhones or Android can download ebooks to their device and read them via the Bluefire Reader app. This free app is an alternative to Adobe Digital Edition. In addition to these options, all portable devices with modern browser support can access and read ebooks online via the web.

Please note that these ebooks cannot be downloaded to a Kindle


EBSCO eBooksebooks

EBSCO eBook Library Collection access thousands of helpful eBooks on lots of popular do-it-yourself and other non-fiction topics (travel, biographies, relationships, golf, gardening and so much more). Includes many titles from “for Dummies” series.